Love Storm

Rain, a cute guy with fair skin had some problems with his car on a rainy day. Fortunately, Phayu, a hunky biker came to the rescue. Rain got totally captivated by his look as soon as he took the helmet off and wanted to be as cool as him. Turned out that Phayu is actually the famous senior who's also every girl's dream guy, including the girl Rain had his eyes on, which is why Rain started to dislike Phayu a little. He found out about Phayu's identity the second time they met, where his car broke down again. Phayu teased Rain by saying that he’s trying to seduce him. Rain had to spent the night at his garage that day. Phayu began to tease him again and acted as if he was gonna touch Rain. And that's why Phayu became Rain’s no.1 enemy and wanted to reveal Phayu’s true color to show everybody that he is not as good as they thought. But he never won and Phayu found it cute. Since Rain could never win against him, he then announced that he will make Phayu fall in love with him within a
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