Love of My Life

The Gonzales family is not like any other, Isabella (Coney), the matriarch, is a rich widow with high standards who would stop at nothing to get what's best for her family. Nikolai (Mikael), her youngest son, has grown into a rebellious man after causing a traumatic family accident which led to the death of his father. Stefano (Tom), the favorite son, is a family-oriented architect who fathers the child of Kelly (Rhian), his former lover who holds a vengeful heart due to what she has been through in the name of love. When Stefano crosses paths with Adelle (Carla), a widow with a child who manages her own handicraft business, things begin to get better. Amidst Isabella's objection towards their relationship, Stefano and Adelle strive to build a normal family. Their seemingly perfect life crumbles not only when Kelly barges into the picture along with the estranged Nikolai, but also when Stefano gets diagnosed with a terminal illness. How can pain bring together such opposing charac
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