Legend of Fei

A legendary story follows the heroine Zhou Fei who traverses the pugilistic world with her blade in hand. The nation has descended to chaos since many years ago. A chivalrous hero receives orders from the king to surround the bandits which result in him becoming the leader of the 48 mountain stronghold that takes in those who are in need. After his death, his daughter Li Jinrong becomes the new leader and marries Zhou Yitang. Their daughter Zhou Fei is born into a dynasty that has seen the reputable families decline in power. Zhou Fei runs away from home at the age of thirteen. She would have met certain death if not for Xie Yun who saves her from harm. Years later, they meet again at Huo manor. Martial arts masters who had gone into hiding appear once more. The young heroes find themselves being chased down by assassins and caught in the center of a brewing conspiracy. An adventurous journey through wulin together. (source" ChineseDrama.info) ~~ Adapted from the novel Bandits by
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