Latay (Battered Husband)

Lando, a laid-back fisherman, enjoys joining the yearly “Aguman Sanduk” fellowship cross-dressing festivity with his peers of Alpha males. Meanwhile, his mundane-everyday-life back in his isolated hut surrounded by fishpond waters, is beset with a horrifying secret about him being physically abused by his wife; and sometimes verbally degraded to no remorse whenever they have an argument. Lando’s wife, Lori is due to leave for abroad as a domestic helper. She harbors ill-feelings against Lando whom she caught meeting up with his ex-girlfriend in a rendezvous. Her unusual violent streak becomes acceptably normal to Lando, who easily yields to his carnal guilt. In the last 2 days before she leaves for abroad, Lori and Lando sum up their irreconcilable differences as regrettably inconsolable. At Lori’s send off, Lando brews a best-laid-plan to settle their problem. While rowing a banca ride with Lori in their hometown’s desolate river, all his thoughts are about being with Laura forev
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