Honey, I'm Sorry

A story about the complicated emotional entanglements between one man and four women. Zhou Yu Lou is a reputable doctor with a bright career, a beautiful fiancee and the enviable lifestyle that many aspire to have. However, he has trouble saying no to people. In the field of psychology, it is known as the disease to please. His fiancee Jiang Dan (Zhang Li) is rattled when Xia Churong (Lee Yu-ri) confesses her feelings for Zhou Yu Lou. Xia Churong is an idealistic woman who longs for a romantic relationship, but she is stuck in an unhappy marriage with her husband Tang Kai. After finding out about Zhou Yu Lou, Tang Kai makes a scene at Zhou Yu Lou and Jiang Dan's wedding and dies from a heart attack during the confrontation. Shaken by her husband's passing, Xia Churong views Zhou Yu Lou as the last piece of driftwood to keep her sanity. Zhou Yu Lou is racked with guilt over Tang Kai's death and also pities the widowed Chu Xiaorong, yet the last thing he wants is to hurt Jiang Dan. Xi
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