Game Changer

A story revolving around the crises in the public relations industry and the people whose lives intertwine because of it. Lin Zhongshuo (Huang Xiaoming) is an entertainment reporter who changed course to work at a well-known PR firm. Tasked with sensitive and difficult-to-handle situations, Lin Zhongshuo somehow always manages to avert a crisis by playing his cards right. He also helps his boss Gao Feng (Li Qiang) face off against his toughest enemy. Meanwhile, Lin Zhongshuo has his own problems. He left the entertainment industry after an incident wherein he misreported the news. Innocent people got hurt and he has been blaming himself since then. In helping others, Lin Zhongshuo starts to make amends and atone for the mistakes of the past. He has two important women in his life - Yuan Wei (Tan Zhuo) and Xu Wenwen (Cai Wenjing). Through his journey, he gradually comes to realize who he truly loves. (Source:
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