Fall In Love

In the year of 1926, Mu Wanqing brings her mom's ashes back to China burial. On the pretense of surrendering to her father, Lin Wanqing has an actual motive in finding the true reason why her parents separated and her siblings died. Meanwhile, a coup d'état occurs among the Shanghai army, and the once oppressed Tan Xuanlin rose up to become the new commander of troops. However despite his new authority, he still finds himself walking on thin ice. Mu Guangyao, the son of the Commander of Vietnam, is a man revered and admired by many. However, he dislikes the power struggles within the political field. A chance encounter lets Lin Wanqing, Tan Xuanlin and Mu Guangyao meet and befriend each other. In order to secure her foothold within the Mu family, Mu Wanqing intentionally gets close to Xu Guangyao and have his backing. Meanwhile, Tan Xuanlin works alongside Mu Wuqing to investigate an old case that is related to the Mu family. The three of them goes through life-and-death struggles t
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