Douluo Continent

It tells the story of Tang San who overcomes many difficulties to protect his loved ones, bring honor to his sect, help his country and become the strongest and bravest soul master. Having lost his mother, Tang San and his father depended on each other to survive. Because he had to bear heavy burdens since childhood, Tang San grew up meticulous and mature for his age. Tang San awakened his powers when he was six years old and was sent to an academy for training. He becomes a disciple of Yu Xiao Gang and promises to always look after and protect the orphaned Xiao Wu as her older brother. To improve their soul power, Yu Xiao Gang sends them to the Shrek Academy where together with five other geniuses, they come to form the Shrek Seven Devils. As they gain fame, conflicts arise between the Shrek Seven Devils and students from other academies. The young heroes unintentionally become involved in the fight for imperial power between first prince Xue Qing He and fourth prince Xue Beng. Mean
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