Yuube wa Otanoshimi Deshita ne

CTC Yuube wa Otanoshimi Deshita ne

one month ago 3 Episode Japanese Drama Completed
Synopsis: A rom-com drama tells the story about a man and a woman who become lovers from video game teammates. Takumi Satsuki (Amane Okayama) has been playing the video game “Dragon Quest X” using a female character named Powder. He becomes good friends with his teammate Goro-san who uses a male character. One day, he offers to share his apartment with Gorō-san. When they meet, he is surprised to see that Goro-san is a girl, whose name is Miyako Okamoto (Tsubasa Honda). Based on manga series “Yuube wa Otanoshimi Deshita ne” by Renjuro Kindaichi.


Total has 3 episode