Where Your Eyes Linger

CTC Where Your Eyes Linger

one month ago 8 Episode Korean Drama Completed
Other Names:
The Place Where Your Gaze Rests, 君の視線が止まる先に, Before Your Eyes Stop, Beyond Your Line of Sight
Synopsis: This series tells the story about Tae Joo, the 18-year-old only successor to the TB Group. He is blessed with a wealthy family, good looks, and no troubles to worry for often described as a handsome guy in the spotlight. His 18-year-old bodyguard, Goo Koo, has been trained in all different types of martial arts and is physically trained to have a strong body. He is also very thoughtful, and Tae Joo is his only friend, while Goo Koo is the only person Tae Joo feels as though he can trust, and feels relieved around him. Director: Hwang Da Seul


Total has 8 episode