When Shui Met Mo: A Love Story

CTC When Shui Met Mo: A Love Story

29 days ago 24 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
水墨人生 / Shui Mo Ren Sheng / When Shui Met Mo
Synopsis: A beautiful yet heart-wrenching tale follows the romance between the son of the number one tea merchant in Jiangnan and a tea harvest girl. Cheng Jing Mo is the only son and successor of an established tea business. He is a carefree childe who has a passion for the arts. Ruan Qiu Shui is incredibly skilled with numbers. She is a tenacious girl who takes on the burdens of her father’s debt and cares for their family. As the two meet, Shui and Mo lives become so intertwine just like water that has been mixed with ink.


Total has 24 episode