When My Love Blooms

CTC When My Love Blooms

one month ago 16 Episode Korean Drama Completed
Synopsis: Classic Romantic telling a story of love who mature couple meet after a long long time. Han Jae Hyun is a relative of the JS company. He was into politics when he used to be in college. He believed in simplistic aspects of life as he started becoming materialism came over him. Meanwhile, Yoon Ji Soo comes from a humble family and she is struggling to make ends meet in her life after her parents accident. Airing on: Apr 18, 2020 Also Known as: 화양연화, Hwayang Yeonhwa , Hwayang Softening , The Happiest Time of Our Lives , The Most Beautiful Days in Life , The Most Beautiful Time in My Life , The Most Beautiful Moment in Life , Blossom


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