Touch your heart

CTC Touch your heart

one month ago 16 Episode Korean Drama Completed
Other Names:
진심이 닿다 / Jinsimi Dadda Touch Your Heart It Feels Sincere, The Reach of Sincerity
Synopsis: Korean Drama “Touch your heart” tells the romance story bettween a lawyer and a popular actress. Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) is a popular actress who is known primarily for her attractive appearance, but her acting leaves much to be desired. In addition, she is caught up in a scandal with a chaebol, which puts her career at risk. One day, Oh Youn Seo learns that a famous screenwriter wants her to play the lead role as a legal assistant in his drama series. To gain experience for the role, the actress decides to get into a real law firm. Meanwhile, Kwon Jong Rok (Lee Dong Wook) is a lawyer at the same firm. He is cold-hearted and arrogant, but his boss forces him to take Yoon Seo as his assistant for six months.


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