Tokyo Single Man (Tokyo Dokushin Danshi)

CTC Tokyo Single Man (Tokyo Dokushin Danshi)

one month ago 8 Episode Japanese Drama Completed
Other Names:
Tokyo Dokushin Danshi
Synopsis: 38-year-old single man Ishibasi Taro works at a bank. He is very organized and knows just what to do and when to do it. However, his analytical mind and ability to notice details often interfere with his romantic affairs. 37-year-old Miyoshi Reiya heads a dental clinic. He is divorced and enjoys freedom after two years of “hard labor”. 45-year-old Iwakura Kazuhiko, a staunch bachelor, sort of like a big brother for Taro and Reiyi. He is a lawyer with his own practice. These three are close friends and enjoy their lives as single men. Until one day Ishibashi meets Takeshima Mai, her ex-girlfriend who left him three years ago, and again thinks about marriage. Meanwhile, Miyoshi is facing a mid-life crisis, and Iwakura is having a difficult time, when it turns out that his father is sick, he reconsiders his attitude towards love and marriage. Total episodes: 8


Total has 8 episode