The World of the Married

CTC The World of the Married

one month ago 18 Episode Korean Drama Completed
Other Names:
부부의 세계, Bubuui Segye, The World of a Married Couple, The World of Husband and Wife, The Couple’s World, Couple’s World, World of Couples, The World of Couples, The World of the Couple, A Married Couple’s World, Boobooui Sekye, The Married Life, A World of Married Couple
Synopsis: Based off the popular British show called “Doctor Foster”. Ji Sun Woo is a successful doctor and also a married woman. Her husband is Lee Tae Oh with whom she has a son. Lee Tae Oh is an aspiring film director and currently owns a fairly successful business. Their lives changes forever when he gets into an unwanted relationship. Find out what happens to this family. Airing on: Mar 27, 2020


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