The Night of the Comet : II (2020)

CTC The Night of the Comet : II (2020)

one month ago 20 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
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The Night of The Comet Season 2;連星来的那一夜 2;彗星II:蓝洞之恋;Hui Xing Lai De Na Yi Ye Lan Dong Zhi Lian
Synopsis: Two people’s lives change their course due to the coming of a comet that takes them into a parallel world where they eventually find true love. Lin Sen He is a man so sharp that he’s been hailed as a devil in business since he was a young kid. At the age of 30, he is already a domineering CEO. Bai Xiao Xin is a quirky 20-year-old who’s a drama queen. Different as night and day, their paths cross when Bai Xiao Xin lands a gig on Lin Sen He’s show. Alas, tragedy strikes and as Lin Sen He tries to save Bai Xiao Xin from an accident, he is pulled into an ever-changing time and space. (Source:


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