The Life of the White Fox

CTC The Life of the White Fox

one month ago 24 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
白狐的人生 / Bai Hu De Ren Sheng
Synopsis: Spiritual creature called fox demon is being summoned into reality using the power of a mystical spirit pearl. It takes days for the fox demon to be fully trained but an accident ruins it (a young woman trips and falls over the fox demon and the spirit pearl takes the woman as its new owner). The fox is mistaken for a Samoyed breed dog and sent to the veterinary doctor.  The spirit pearl ends up in the hands of a woman who do not know its value. However, Xia Kui hopes to sell the spirit pearl on Taobao (Online Shopping Site) as faux antique piece. The earlier owner of the spirit pearl, the fox demon tracks Xia Kui back to her house to kill her and reclaim the ownership of the spirit pearl but he gets distracted by the smell of slow cooked pork that she made. He is amazed at the great human inventions. Bai Xiao is a fox demon from many centuries ago stuck in the present world. Xia Kui requests him to allow her to live some more days so she could express her love for someone. Upon agreeing to the request, they both end up living together. Unknown to both of them, other worldly creatures are on a look out for the same spirit pearl for evil purposes. It is based on a novel written by Jiu Ye Hui


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