The Legend of Hao Lan

CTC The Legend of Hao Lan

one month ago 62 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
皓镧传 / Mou Qin / 谋秦 / Beauty Hao Lan
Synopsis: Chinese historical-political drama “The Legend of Hao Lan” depicts the power struggle between the kingdoms of Qin and Zhao. Zhao’s imperial censor Li He suddenly goes bankrupt. His daughter Li Hao Lan (Wu Jin Yan) is sold to Lv Bu Wei (Nie Yuan). Later, Lv Bu Wei sends her to the King of Qin, Sun Yi Zhen (Mao Zi Jun), who is held hostage in Zhao’s palace. There Hao Lan has to use all her knowledge and wisdom to outwit Princess Ya (Hai Ling) and others who try to harm her in any way.


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