The King of Blaze

CTC The King of Blaze

one month ago 61 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
火王之破晓之战 / Huo Wang Zhi Po Xiao Zhi Zhan / 电视剧火王 / Dian Shi Ju Huo Wang
Synopsis: Chinese drama “the King of Blaze” tells the story of the Fire God Zhong Tian and the Wind God Qian Mei, who risk their lives to save their homeland, and their impossible love. Thousands of years ago there was a beautiful planet where the deities lived. Among them were six powerful gods inclduing the God of Fire, God of Wind who maintained peace in the planet. During a brutal battle with the dark forces, they were dealt a crushing blow. Qian Mei, the Wind God, disappears after the rescuing Zhong Tian, ​​the Fire God. To find an alternative energy source to save their planet, Zhong Tian travels to the Tang Dynasty. There he meets a soothsayer Feng Jian, who looks exactly like his long-lost love Qian Mei. Who is she and will Wind fulfill his mission of saving his homeland?


Total has 61 episode