The Fairy Fox

CTC The Fairy Fox

one month ago 23 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
我的室友是狐仙, My Roommate is a Fox, My Roommate is a Fairy Fox, My Roommate is a Immortal Fox
Synopsis: In a past life, Xiao Jing Chen, a great general, sacrificed himself in order to save Lu Bai, a fairy fox. Now, in the modern day, Lu Bai has tracked down the reincarnated Xiao Jing Chen to watch over and protect him. Xiao Jing Chen is now a college student called Xiao Mo, and he is the only one who can protect Lu Bai’s clan against the evil Wolf Clan. The Wolf Clan wants to seize and obtain the power of a sacred stone, which fell on Earth thousands of years ago and has been under the protection of the Fox Clan ever since. But what will be their relationship? Will Lu Bai be able to fulfill his mission?


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