Swin to Sky (2020)

CTC Swin to Sky (2020)

29 days ago 18 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
腾空之约 Teng Kong Zhi Yue Swim to Sky Swing to Sky
Synopsis: A story revolving around a poor girl who comes upon a mysterious contract that pulls her into a wealthy yet strange family. Yu Xiao Yu is a simple and kind girl who struggles to make ends meet. When she becomes the recipient of a mysterious contract, Yu Xiao Yu jumps at the chance to hide from debtors. In starting her new life, she joins the diving team where she meets a group of young people who share the same dreams. Along the way, she meets rich kid Ling Kong who is arrogant and difficult to deal with, yet possesses a pure enthusiasm for diving. Through their interactions, they gradually find friendship and love.


Total has 18 episode