Stairway to Stardom

CTC Stairway to Stardom

one month ago 50 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
逆袭之星途璀璨 / i Xi Zhi Xing Tu Cui Can / 逆袭之星途闪耀 / Ni Xi Zhi Xing Tu Shan Yao / Super Star: The Counter Attack Star Shine
Synopsis: Su Cheng is a college student who is a diehard fan of actress Yen Chu Fei. To get close to her idol, Su Cheng starts working as a personal assistant for a celebrity. However, she loses her job when the celebrity is dismissed. Soon, Su Cheng gets a second chance after winning in a talent show. She signs a contract with an agency and begins her clumsy journey as an actress. She slowly rises up the career ladder and eventually becomes one of the most sought-after young actresses in the entertainment industry. She falls into a love triangle with the agency’s CEO, Duan Cheng Xuan and famous stylist Ye Chen, and also finds herself an enemy in the person of top star Yan Chu Fei.


Total has 50 episode