Sometoon 2020

CTC Sometoon 2020

one month ago 10 Episode Korean Drama Completed
Other Names:
썸툰 2020 ; sseomtun, Sometoon, sseomtun 2020, Some Toon, 썸툰, Sometoon x OH MY GIRL, 썸툰 x 오마이걸
Synopsis: It is the love triangle romance that takes place when YeJin went to search for her long-time online friend named “Sweet Brick”. She does not know if he is the member of her craftwork class named No Woon or the man she often meets by chance named Cha Ieon. ~~Based on the webtoon of OH MY GIRL called “Sometoon x OH MY GIRL” but only partially as it is only Binnie’s story which will make it on screen.


Total has 10 episode