Shousetsu Ou

CTC Shousetsu Ou

one month ago 10 Episode Japanese Drama Ongoing
Other Names:
Shousetsu Oo / The King of Novels
Synopsis: The drama is based on “Shousetsu Oo”, a popular novel by Kazumasa Hayami. Alan Shirahama plays an unsuccessful novelist named Toyotaka Yoshida. Yu Koyanagi plays Shuntaro Koyanagi, an editor of Toyotaka’s works. Nanami Sakuraba plays the heroine Haruko Sakura. Even though recieving an honorable award for his work in the past, Toyotaka Yoshida (Alan Shirahama) has been living a life of complete obscurity as a writer. However, one day he meets two delightful characters, Shuntaro Koyanagi (Yu Koyanagi) and his dedicated fan Haruko Sakura, turns his life around completely.


Total has 10 episode