Shall We Fall in Love

CTC Shall We Fall in Love

one month ago 35 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
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Synopsis: The Chinese rom-com series “Shall We Fall In Love” revolves around a bright young man, Jiang Yi Nan (Nichkhun), who is unemployed due to his lack of higher education. One day, he saves a girl named Chen Xin Yue (Li Yu Chen) who has fallen into a river. He decides to apply for Shen Yuan Group, the same company that Chen Xin Yue works for. Through his hard work, he soon becomes one of the best employee at the company. However, his promotion aroused from his collegue, Xu Hao Yu (Wang Zi Rui), who conspires with his co-workers to make Jiang Yi Nan pushed out of the company. Meanwhile, Xu Hao Yu’s girlfriend Liang Ding Fei (Wang Feifei), finds Yi Nan refreshing.


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