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one month ago 40 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
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回到明朝当王爷之杨凌传 / Hui Dao Ming Chao Dang Wang Ye Zhi Yang Ling Chuan, Yang Ling Chuan / The Story of Yang Ling >
Synopsis: The story takes place in China during the Ming Dynasty. Young scholar Yang Ling ( Jang Jin Fu) suddenly falls into a coma on his wedding day. A few days later when he recovers from illness he feels guilty for not being able to give a good life to his wife who takes good care of him. Therefore, he decides to take the imperial examinations to become a government official. On his way to the capital, Yang Ling helps the local goverment offical Ma Ang solve a murder case and becomes Ma Ang’s assistant. Ma Ang’s sister Ma Lian Er has a crush for Yang Ling. Later Yang Ling meets prince Zhu Hou Zhao and gets involved with the national affairs of the country.


Total has 40 episode