Pushing Hand (2019)

CTC Pushing Hand (2019)

one month ago 47 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
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Synopsis: Chen Yi Fan (Wang Ou) is a cold, insular woman who works as the vice president of a real estate corporation. Liu Qing Yang (Jia Nai Liang) is a rich, spoiled playboy. Despite their different characters, they both are enthusiasts of motorcycle racing. Their lives intersect after Qing Yang rescues Yi Fan during a race, where Yi Fan notices that he looks alike to her former lover, Mei Hen, who died not so long ago. Soon, Qing Yang’s family experience a series of setbacks and are in debt. To help, Yi Fan offers him a job at her company. Due to competition, Yi Fan’s company is pushed into a corner. Qing Yang attempts to help her. He seeks advice from the company’s founder, Mei Tao Yuan (Wang Jin Song), and is taught how to apply the principles of the Chinese Taichi known as “pushing hands” in the business world.


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