Praise of Death (2018)

CTC Praise of Death (2018)

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Other Names:
Death Song 사의 찬미 He Hymn of Death
Synopsis: Korean drama ‘Praise of Death’ tells a sad love story of Kim Woo Jin (Lee Jong Suk), a talented screenwriter and Yoon Sim Deoc (Shin Hye Sun), the first soprano of Korea. He has a family, but he falls in love with her. Is there a future for this love? Based on a true story. * Praise of Death – the most popular song of Yun Shim Doc, released in 1926 during the Japanese colonization of Korea. It is considered the first Korean pop song. * A 1991 film of the same name was directed by Kim Ho-sun, with Chang Mi Hee in the lead role. The film won numerous awards in South Korea. Airs from 11/27/2018, Monday-Tuesday at 10:00 pm


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