Nibun no Ichi Fuufu (2021)

CTC Nibun no Ichi Fuufu (2021)

one month ago 3 Episode Japanese Drama Ongoing
Other Names:
にぶんのいち夫婦, Ni Bun no Ichi Fufu, One Half of a Married Couple
Synopsis: Nakayama Aya is a 32-year-old housewife and she has been happily married for 2 years. To other people, Nakayama Aya and her husband look like the perfect married couple. One day, Nakayama Aya sees a message from a strange woman on her husband’s cellphone. She wonders if her husband is having an affair. She also remembers that she and her husband have not been intimate in the last two months. Nakayama Aya begins to find other evidence of her husband having an affair.


Total has 3 episode