My Holo Love

CTC My Holo Love

one month ago 12 Episode Korean Drama Completed
Other Names:
나 홀로 그대, Na Hollo Geudae, I am Alone, I’m Alone, You, Holo, and Me, Me Alone and You, I Holo You
Synopsis: “My Holo Love” a.k.a ” Me, Alone and you”is based on the life of a girl who interacts with an AI called Holo. It is romantic story with a pinch of sadness and pain. Go Nan Do is highly intelligent IT hacker who owns a tech company in Korea. However, his identity is hidden as he faked his death to avoid the police investigation on him for hacking government secrets. While Han So Yeon works as a associate sales manager for a company with great dedication and focus. However outside of work, she is a lone soul due to her inability to remember faces or identify them. Find out what happens.


Total has 12 episode