Mr. Swimmer

CTC Mr. Swimmer

29 days ago 46 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
游泳先生 You Yong Xian Sheng
Synopsis: The story of two swimmers: Bai Yong Ze, a genius swimmer from an ordinary family, and his best friend, the swimming prince Lan Tian. Lan Tian’s ex-gf Cha Cha is a rich girl with serious family problems. When Cha Cha becomes involved in a love triangle with them, the boys’ friendship develops into a constant competition. To participate in the national swimming game, they train strickly. Before the final match, Lan Tien’s father threatens Bai Yong Ze into losing the game. Lan Tian defends Yong Zhe and help earns back his reputation. Through many twists and turns, the three youths build a a sense of responsibility and perseverance, releasing an inner shine of outstanding youths.


Total has 46 episode