Memory (Kioku)

CTC Memory (Kioku)

one month ago 12 Episode Japanese Drama Completed
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Synopsis: A human drama depicts the life struggles of a lawyer who is sentenced to Alzheimer’s. Honjo Hidehisa (Nakai Kiichi) is a successful lawyer in his 50s who has been forgetting a lot of things lately. He forgets memories which he ought to remember and recalls those that he wants to forget. One thing he wants to forget is his son’s death in a car accident 15 years ago. The culprit still has not been caught. Honjo has not faced up to the past until now. He has only thought of work and neglected his new family. But as he gradually begins to lose his memories due to the early onset of Alzheimer’s, he devotes his remaining life to exposing his past and taking on his final case. via @Jdrama Weblog


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