Listening Snow Tower

CTC Listening Snow Tower

one month ago 56 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
Tingxue Tower, Ting Xue Lou, Yin Xue Lou / 听雪楼
Synopsis: A Chinese Xianxia drama about the young master of “Listening Snow Tower” and the woman he loves. He is a martial arts expert known as a dragon among men and she is known as daughter of the blood demon. Shu Jing Rong (Yuan Bing Yan) loses her parents at a young age. She then is adopted by a martial arts master. Years after, she discovers that the leader of the “Bai Yue” sect stands behind the death of her parents. Driven by the desire to take revenge, she joins the “Listening Snow Tower” and together with Xiao Yi Qing (Qin Jun Jie) they will fight against the “Bai Yue” sect. However, over time, the two will be united not only by the desire to destroy the enemy, but also by some deeper feelings.


Total has 56 episode