Legal V

CTC Legal V

one month ago 9 Episode Japanese Drama Completed
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Synopsis: Shoko Takanashi (Yonekura Ryoko) is a former lawyer who was deprived of her license. She convinces university professor Kogokoku Masahiko (Takahashi Hideki), who is an attorney on paper only, to open a law firm which she will take control of. She hires attorney Aoshima Keita (Hayashi Kento) and three lawyer assistants (Miura Shohei, Arakawa Yoshi Yoshi and Adati Yumi). Shoko deftly pulls the strings, driving her employees to seek victory no matter how precarious the lawsuit. Their opponents are the law firm Temma, headed by Temma Soichiro (Kohinat Fumiyo), and Felix, headed by Kaizaki Hayato (Mukai Osamu) and Shiratori Minako (Nanao). Will lawyers from a small company headed by Shoko be able to defeat elite lawyers from top law firms?


Total has 9 episode