L.O.R.D. Critical World

CTC L.O.R.D. Critical World

one month ago 48 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Synopsis: A Chinese fantasy drama that revolves around Qi Ling, a young man from a small village who accidentally enters into the spiritual world, and starts his extraordinary journey. During the 15th century B.C. the descendants of previous emperors were drawn into an endless battle for power. Although Yang Jia succeeded in assuming the throne, the nation were gripped by internal and external unrest. According to the legends, the one who gets help from the descendant of Chi You can rule the world. Yin Chen leads the search in the hope of ending the conflict. Qi Ling is bartender whose only wish is to open an inn. By chance he encounters Yin Chen and becomes his disciple. Also Known As:爵迹·临界天下


Total has 48 episode