Just an Encore

CTC Just an Encore

29 days ago 31 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
Ba Fen Zhong De Wen Nuan 八分钟的温暖
Synopsis: Yan Ze (Jiang Zhuojun) is an rdinary high school girl who doesn’t shine with either beauty or intelligence. She is secretly in love with her desk mate Ji Xiao (Chen Xun) who is not only a handsome guy, but also a top student. Yan Ze has an adopted sister Gu Xi Ye (Zhu Danni), who, unlike Yan Ze, is a beautiful and excellent student. When Yan Ze finds that her crush Ji Xiao might be in love with Xi Ye, she begins to envy her sister. The situation is changed by a transfer student named He Xin Liang, who manages to appear in front of Yan Ze when she is at her lowest point and always encourages her. However, later it turns out Xi Ye is secretly in love with Xin Liang and hates seeing the two become closer.


Total has 31 episode