Invisible Life (2020)

CTC Invisible Life (2020)

one month ago 40 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
这就是生活 這就是生活 Zhe Jiu Shi Sheng Huo Je Jau Si Saang Wut This is Life
Synopsis: In order to avoid her mother meddling in her love life, Ye Xiao Bai joins a business project that strict boss Guan Yi He is running. The two end up falling in love and having a secret relationship because their workplace doesn’t allow romance between colleagues. They end up marrying and establishing a family in secret, and Xiao Bai thinks life is going well, but the pressure of keeping their relationship a secret puts a strain on their family. Other problems arise both personally and professionally, opening Xiao Bai’s eyes to the issues women face in the workplace and the struggle to balance work and family. The naive girl learns to be stronger, advancing at work and protecting her family and marriage. Director: Tao Ling Ling [陶玲玲]


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