Investiture of the Gods (2019)

CTC Investiture of the Gods (2019)

one month ago 65 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
Feng Shen, The Gods, 封神演义, Feng Shen Yan Yi
Synopsis: According to legend, the last emperor of the Shang dynasty, Zhou, goes to pray at the temple of the great Nuva. While admiring the statue of the goddess, he exclaims: “How it would be nice if I could marry her!” Without knowing it, the emperor insults and humiliates the goddess. The enraged Nuva sends him three beautiful women who are actually evil demons: the nine-tailed fox Da Ji, the nine-headed peacock Feng Jing Jing, and the spirit of the jade bead Yu Qing. Taught by the goddess Nuva, all three are to bring unrest and chaos into the mortal world, failing a miserable mortal emperor under a cruel death. However, one of the ministers – a noble and trained by one of the immortals, Jiang Zi Ya, seeing the true essence of the three virgins, decides to fight the demons and save the human world. Along with him, Yang Jian, a man with a third eye, and Ne Zha will assist Ji Fa in governing the new empire Zhou dynasty.


Total has 65 episode