Hope All Is Well With Us

CTC Hope All Is Well With Us

one month ago 44 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
Honey, We Are All Going to Be Good/我们都要好好的
Synopsis: Xun Zhao is an art director who comes from a rich family. She marries Xiang Qian, the son of a poor family, against her parent’s wishes. To get promoted at his job in a famous investment company, Xiang Qian spends all his time working. As her husband’s career grows, Xun Zhao decides to resign to take care of their son, but soon she realizes she can’t adapt to it. When Xun Zhao gets diagnosed with depression, she is afraid of affecting their son and decides to leave the family. Eventually they get divorced. Xiang Qian fails at work and has to pull through his son and himself without any money. Only when he meets Alisa, an influential and rich woman, he stands up again. Xun Zhao, on the other hand, wants to start life anew, but coincidentally becomes her ex-husband’s new girlfriend’s assistant.


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