Hikinukiya: Headhunter no Ryugi

CTC Hikinukiya: Headhunter no Ryugi

one month ago 5 Episode Japanese Drama Completed
Other Names:
引き抜き屋 〜ヘッドハンターの流儀〜, Hikinukiya, Hikinukiya ~ Headhunter no Ryuugi
Synopsis: Kanoko Saho is fired from her father’s company, Fawn. She worked hard in the manufracturing world and worked hard but was fired regardless. In the background is the ploy of person called a “headhunter”. Watari Kaori, who calls herself a headhunter, appears in front of Saho. As a result, Saho begins working at the same headhunting company, “Forteflows”, as Watari. Saho works confronting clients while a dark cloud begins to drift over Fawn.


Total has 5 episode