Growing Pain

CTC Growing Pain

one month ago 41 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
少年派, Shao Nian Pai
Synopsis: Lin Miao Miao is a bright and bubbly girl who unexpectedly received high scores in the high school entrance exams. She is admitted to a top high school, which makes her mom Wang Feng Nan very proud. Lin Miao Miao is excited as well since she will be living at the dorms away from her mom’s control. She soon become friends with the most beautiful girl Deng Xiao Qi, top student Qian San Yi and handsome Jiang Tian Hao. However, Miao Miao’s high school life is not easy as her grades come under pressure and her mom decides to become a tutor mom. By the third year of high school, Lin Miao Miao and her friends face drastic changes in their homes that they must come to terms with.


Total has 41 episode