Goodbye My Princess

CTC Goodbye My Princess

29 days ago 52 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
东宫 / Dong Gong / Good Bye My Princess
Synopsis: For political reasons, Xiao Feng (Peng Xiao Jan), the ninth Princess of West Liang, is married to Li Cheng Yin, the crown prince of the Tang Dynasty. The prince only agreed to marry her to secure his position as heir to the throne. Later Xiao Feng realizes that she had met Li Cheng Yin three years agao. He was under the alias of Gu Xiao Wu and used her to accomplish his mission in conquering the western kingdoms. After she finds out the truth, she jumped into the River of Forgetfulness, and Li Chen Yun, either because of guilt, or perhaps because of love, did the same. In the present time, Xiao Feng and Li Cheng Yin meet again, however only Xiao Feng has regained her memories.


Total has 52 episode