From Survivor to Healer

CTC From Survivor to Healer

one month ago 42 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
Ai Shang Ni Zhi Yu Wo/爱上你治愈我
Synopsis: Chinese drama “Ai Shang Ni Zhi Yu Wo” tells the love story between Psychiatrist Yan Shu Ren(Dou Xiao) and Psychologist Sun Shu(Miao Miao). Yan Shu Ren and Sun Shu fell in love while studying at a medical school. However, their relationship didn’t last long as crises arose in both of their familes. Shu Ren dropped out of school without telling Sun Shu, and Sun Shu went to Japan to study. 5 years later, the two meet again as they both are offered to work at Si Kang Hospital.Shu Ren wants to reconcile his relationship with Sun Shu, but Sun Shu rejects him and treats him coldly. Meanwhile, Shu Ren finds out that his mother died in a car accident years ago and starts to blame himself.


Total has 42 episode