Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 2018

CTC Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 2018

one month ago 39 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
Long Men Fei Jia
Synopsis: This will be a remake of the televesion adaption of Tsui Hark’s classic Tsui Hark’s classic “Dragon Gate Inn”. The play tells about the Ming dynasty’s years, the eunuch’s dictatorship, and the ruin of Zhongliang. In the rescue of Zhongliang, the knight Zhao Huai’an rushed to the east factory owner Wan Yulou and the western factory supervisor Yu Huatian. Zhao Huai’an and others died all the way, staying at Longmen Inn. The rivers and lakes are sinister and full of blood and rain, and the deserted desert children and women are in the middle.


Total has 39 episode