Destiny’s Love

CTC Destiny’s Love

one month ago 36 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
爱上北斗星男友/Ai Shang Bei Dou Xing Nan You
Synopsis: This drama tells a love story that spans thousands of years. Chi Yu (Zhang Min En) is a deity whose job is to write the destiny for every human beings. One day he met up with a female general named Jie Wan and they fell in love. However, to save Jie Wan’s life, Chi Yu had to change her destiny, which results in Jie Wan not being able live past the age of 30. Chi Yu also is prisoned on the Plough. Three thousand years later, to help Jie Wan live past the age of 30, Chi Yu comes down to this world again. He meets Jie Wan again, who is now a workaholic entertainment producer named Wen Su Xi (Xu Lu), who is .


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