Cold Case (Chinese Drama)

CTC Cold Case (Chinese Drama)

one month ago 30 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
Leng An
Synopsis: The drama revolves around four female detectives who specialize in reopening unsolved cases. Their limits are put to the test in the face of cruel truth and humanity. Luo Ying Wei is the leader of a team of three young detectives in the city of Pinling. Cai Wen Xin is known as the gossip queen, Xia Luo Yang is beautiful and determined, and Feng Yi is quiet and bookish. With the help of Cai Wen Xin’s older brother, Cai Wen Fei, and under the guidence of their police chiefs, the team works together on each case and eventually comes face to face with a massive drug syndicate.


Total has 30 episode