Black Scandal

CTC Black Scandal

2 months ago 10 Episode Japanese Drama Completed
Other Names:
ブラックスキャンダル Burakku Sukyandaru
Synopsis: Sara Fujisaki is a top actress who is getting married soon. The media suddenly falsely claims that she is having an affair. Although she doesn’t want to, Sara holds a press conference to discuss the ‘scandal’. She receives a sharp backlash from the public and her acting career is ruined. To makes things worse, her mother also passes away. 5 years later, Sara learns that the false affair was a conspiracy to ruin her. Thanks to plastic surgery, she has now changed her appearance. To get revenge, Sara uses the alias of Arisa Yagami and begins working as a manager at the same management company where she was once a client. Sara soon faces the shocking truth behind her scandal.


Total has 10 episode


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