A Journey to Meet Love

CTC A Journey to Meet Love

29 days ago 52 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
Finding Love on the Journey, Love Journey, Meeting Love on A Journey, 一场遇见爱情的旅行
Synopsis: White-collar worker Li Xin Yue spends millions to buy the painting ‘Dear’, which draws the attention of the police. She is followed by undercover policeman Jin Xiao Tian. They accidentally go on a journey together to Li Xin Yue’s hometown Shangri-La city and fall in love along the way. However, due to his identity, Jin Xiao Tian is not able to admit his feelings for Li Xin Yue. To protect the painting, Xin Yue is kidnapped by a local drug dealer. Jin Xiao Tian rescues her and decides to tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Li Xin Yue’s secret is also uncovered.


Total has 52 episode