35sai no Shoujo

CTC 35sai no Shoujo

one month ago 10 Episode Japanese Drama Completed
Other Names:
35歳の少女, 35-sai no Shoujo, 35sai no Shojo, 35-year-old Girl
Synopsis: After a sudden accident in 1995, 10-year-old Imamura Nozomi goes into a coma. Twenty-five years later, in 2020, Nozomi wakes up. Although she is 35 years old, she still acts like she’s ten years old. The world has changed around her, but she lives for her future. Yuto was Nozomi’s classmate in elementary school, and also her first love. He had once become an elementary school teacher, but quit after a certain incident. In order to hide his lack of confidence, he had been protecting himself by criticizing and looking down on others. When he reunites with Nozomi, he starts to take a good look at himself.


Total has 10 episode